The Island of Thassos  

According to Greek mythology, Thasos, son of the Phoenician kingdom Aginora and the first resident of the island. According to Greek legend, when Zeus took the form of a bull and grabbed Europe, Aginoras (her father), sent his four brothers to search for her with a clear order, not to return home without her. However, none of the brothers managed to find her and the search stopped after many years. While Thassos was searching, discovered the rich and fertile island in which he installed and later gave its name to it.

The island is located across the Gulf of Keramoti. The island is easily accessed; ferry boats as they travel from Peramo, Kavala and Keramoti. Thassos is one of the few Greek islands that is almost entirely covered by thick pine tree and fir tree forests. The island is a perfect combination of utter pure nature mountains and 95 km of coastal beauty where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters.

Because of its mild climate and quality of water coming down from the mountains, any crop on the island is possible. Initially, the forest vegetation was the reason which wood industry was developed , as also was constructions and shipbuilding engineering.

Forests of pine-trees, produce the main food for the honey-cells and create one of the best properties of honey in Greece. Other products based on the honey production in Thassos is the walnut, the pout of honeyed walnuts.

The cultivation of olives is also one of the most popular professions in the island. The oil and olives from Thassos have produced one of the largest forces in the oil production region of northern Greece, as the savory variety grown is a special kind of olive unique in the world.

We suggest you visit the archaeological sites and museums with important exhibits. Do not miss going around the island, about 100km The road network is quite developed. Enjoy the traditional food and the beautiful beaches of Thassos.

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